Downloads & Support

Downloads and Support

Need our brochures? Having troubles with assembly, operation or just a few questions?

Check out our sections below to help find the answer you’re looking for You’re guide to our products. It couldn’t be more simple


Here we have the brochures on all our products. Click to download and view

M-Lift Brochure

View our M-lift product brochure

Let's M-Lift

E-Lift Brochure

View our E-lift product brochure

Let's E-Lift

E-Desk Brochure

View our E-Desk product brochure

Let's E-Desk


Assembly Guides, Operation Guides and Troubleshooting Guides. If you have any questions about any of our products, here is the place to find it

Assembly Guides

Looking to assembly your unit but you don’t have the printed guide? Click here to view our range of assembly guides & videos for downloading and viewing

Let's Assemble

Operation Guides

Wondering about operation procedures and information? Click here to view our range of operation guides & videos for downloading and viewing

Let's Operate

Troubleshooting Guides

Operation question? Our troubleshooting section can usually help answer most of the common questions we get. Take a peek and see if this helps.

Let's Troubleshoot

More Help


We’ve compiled a list of our most common questions and troubles. Take a look below, your question might have already been answered. If not, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0420 901 404

Let's FAQ
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